Get Incidents by Title

In the UI, Alerts page, I can find incidents by using the “Incident Title” filter. A common question we get is “did something alert” where we have to go back and validate that an alert did indeed occur as part of an audit process.

I’m trying to find incidents programatically using the List Incidents API and this doesn’t appear to offer the title as a filter condition:!/Incidents/get_incidents

Is there a separate API for alerts that allows for this?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct API for getting to alerts. You’ll need to iterate through each incident and get any alerts available for that incident. The API to use is this:{id}~1alerts/get

Let me know if you need some help using this to get alerts and dump to a CSV.


Hi Brenna! Doug’s suggestion is the best way to review your alerts using the API. I can see how having an alert API endpoint could be helpful, so I’ll relay feedback to our Product team about functionality to get all alerts.